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Windamere's Home Services division offers routine property maintenance and repair through subscription based packages.

We not only build homes, but we also refurbish over 800 homes annually here in the valley.  With well over 40 years in the construction industry, who better to maintain your property and home than the people who build them?  With routine maintenance and inspections you maintain your property value and don't have to worry about unpleasant surprises that are the result of an unmaintained property - subscription-based maintenance is a part of your investment that pays for itself!  In addition to the routine services, the plans are extended with property inspections coupled with plan discounts, to cover any additional needs.  Keep your peace of mind knowing your home and property maintenance is taken care of by professionals.  Whether you live at the property full time or part time, or manage properties that are rentals, we have a subscription plan crafted for your needs.


Five subscription plans crafted to cover your property maintenance needs:

  1. Homeowner Gold Plan
  2. Homeowner Platinum Plan
  3. Seniors Plan
  4. Vacation Rental Plan
  5. Long Term Rental Plan


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