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Windamere Construction - A Smart Choice...

Your project is "value engineered" from the very beginning all the way to completion.  We work closely with all parties involved, on each project, to ensure the highest quality product is achieved at the best price point.


Put our Knowledge, Experience, Service and Professionalism to work for you!
Annually we service 800+ major property refurbishment & restoration projects.


New Construction & Additions - Residential & Commercial


Our expertise and professionalism is demonstrated in every phase of deployment; from pre-development to the development stages, and on through to sales and final walk through.  The management at Windamere Construction takes a "hands on" approach - we work in the field and maintain a close relationship with our subcontractors and vendors.

  • Quality Custom Homes
  • Residential Communities
  • Multi-unit Housing
  • Retail Space
  • Commercial Leasing Preparation
  • Commercial Redevelopment

Remodeling & Restoration - Refurbishment & Renovations


Where new construction may not be the answer, Remodeling and Renovation of existing structures may be the solution.  Over the years Windamere Construction has developed and expertise in institutional government ventures and bank/lender projects - with the current development and construction climate we are working with lending institutions, in a “stop loss” capacity, to help finish troubled projects that have been left in a state of need.  We get projects back on track and completed for our clients!

  • Remodeling for a fresh look
  • Renovation for structural need
  • Rental Rehabilitation
  • Tenant Turns
  • Investment Flips
  • Insurance Reconstruction

Home Fire ReconstructionView Sample: House Fire Insurance Reconstruction Tempe, AZ

Simple home improvement financing - find competitive home improvement financing options

Windamere Construction can help homeowners make smart financial decisions about their renovations. Through our partnership with Hearth homeowners how to craft an accurate budget for their remodels. Hearth helps you find competitive affordable home improvement financing options and, when appropriate, connects homeowners to financing options.

Windamere Construction Jobs and Opportunites

Windamere Construction is currently seeking individuals for Maintenance Crews. 

June 2022 

Windamere Construction handles over 800 property refurbishments annually in the Arizona valley, with the need increasing into 2022 and beyond.  We are seeking individuals with construction familiarity to handle general property maintenance, repair and labor tasks associated with property refurbishments.  Individuals will be working within crews assigned to specific property refurbishment projects.   

Windamere Construction - an Arizona based and licensed general construction contractor

Windamere Construction, LLC is an Arizona based and licensed general construction contractor, and construction Management Company.  Our license classification is KB-01 dual (ROC 229145), allowing us to build both residential and commercial projects - our well established portfolio of diverse building projects highlights our broad capacity to develop and manage in many areas.

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License: R.O.C. 229145, KB-01 dual

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