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Windamere Construction Sub Contractor Design Specifications

Thank you for your interest in bidding on Windamere Construction’s upcoming projects.

Currently we are working on a series of tenant renovations and property rehabilitation projects as well as long term procurement planning for subdivisions throughout the valley.  These developments will use the below product line standards.  The following is a general guideline for the materials we wish to use, and the processes we follow for bidding purposes.  Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us through one of the methods on our contact page.

Windamere Construction must maintain quality and couple it with low prices in order to compete in today’s market place.  We urge subcontractors to work with their suppliers and manufacturers to secure the best possible quality and prices to meet the demands of the project.  In today’s construction market, jobs are vigorously competitive - working together we can create an opportunity to have projects to work on, and to provide business to our suppliers, employees, and associates.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to getting started on the upcoming projects very soon.

~ Bill O’Brien


NOTE ON VALUE ENGINEERING: Windamere Construction Strives to provide quality construction in a timely manner.  We encourage our sub-contractor partners to bid and take the time to examine any items that may be value engineered for cost savings.

General Notes:

  1. All work to be done with employees qualified and experienced in there trade.
  2. Proper supervision needs to be provided by the subcontractor for their employees.
  3. Windamere takes a clean safe jobsite very seriously.  All trash is to be disposed of in the designated trash receptacles and the worksite is to be cleaned and swept up daily.
  4. Schedules are kept and maintained. Windamere expects our subcontractors to show up when scheduled and complete their work accordingly.
  5. We require a sufficient notice of any proposed price changes, for any reason.  Any contract we have entered into with our customers will be maintained at the current price no matter what stage the contract is in.
  6. All insurance must be current and on file with Windamere Construction prior to start.
  7. Conditional and unconditional releases and waivers must be obtained and kept by Windamere Construction for all invoices and payments.

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  1. All slabs to be post tension
  2. All Walks and drives to be light broom finish
  3. 2” Sleeve under driveway and walkway for landscape
  4. All walks and drives to minimum 4”
  5. Concrete Contractor to schedule termite pre treat before to coincide with pours
  6. Windamere Construction will supply design and drawings at a later time.

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  1. Plumbing is to be PEX
  2. Fixtures to be Moen or similar
  3. Toilets to be American Standard or similar
  4. Tubs and shower to be Lasco or similar
  5. Standard is electric
  6. Gas should be put in as an option or add on
  7. Plumber to provide model samples
  8. Appliance supplier will install dishwasher

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  1. 200 AMP Square D panel
  2. Appropriate circuit breakers to be provided per current electrical code
  3. Fixture packages and bulbs to be provided
  4. 2 Telephone Outlets (Master & Kitchen)
  5. 2 Cable Outlets (Master & Kitchen)
  6. 2 Ceiling Fan Outlets (Master & Family / Living Area)
  7. 1 Coach Light
  8. Electric water heater
  9. Electric Air Handler
  10. Underground service for electrical, cable & telephone from street service
  11. Exterior outlets to be GFI with bubble covers in uncovered areas

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  1. Per appropriate plans & specifications
  2. Std. thermostat
  3. Lennox or similar units
  4. Electric air handler
  5. Use current building guidelines for duct size and efficiency values

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  1. Units to be 9’ standard plate line
  2. Truss, hardware, crane and lumber to be included
  3. Sheer panel on all corners and other areas as indicated
  4. Steel cut in bracing
  5. Walls to be 16” on center
  6. Walls to be standard 2 x 4 unless otherwise noted
  7. Price separate window installation
  8. All sub floors to be glued and screwed
  9. At final frame all walls to be plumb, true, straight lined and straight edged
  10. Framing contractor is responsible for sending all unused / defective lumber back
  11. Combed fascia board as noted on specific plans

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  1. 2 – 30 lb felt layers
  2. Z bar type flashing where needed
  3. S Style color through tile
  4. Bird stop
  5. Paint for jacks
  6. Roof jacks as needed
  7. O’Hagin vents as needed
  8. Roofer to provide model samples

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  1. Sized per plan and specifications
  2. Standard glass with tan frames
  3. Sliders to be installed by window supplier
  4. Price optional install of all windows
  5. Screens and adjustments to be made by window subcontractor
  6. Optional Low E price

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  1. All ceiling heights to be standard 9’
  2. Drywall corners to rounded bead
  3. Texture to be standard orange peel with optional skip trowel texture
  4. Standard punch of home to be provided
  5. Entry lids and patio lids to be drywall
  6. Screws to be used in all wet areas and as needed by code
  7. Double fire rated drywall to be used as needed
  8. Garages to be finished
  9. Floors to be scraped and drywall to be scrapped out

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  1. Plaster to be standard coated system
  2. 3 choices of finish to be provided
  3. Stucco patch and punch to provided
  4. Pop outs to be provided as specified
  5. Plasterer to provide model samples
  6. Plastered eave overhang as noted on specific plans

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Door & Trim:

  1. Standard 3 ½” trim and casing
  2. Interior doors to be flat panel
  3. Hardware to be Yale or similar
  4. All shelving to be standard mdf board with pole as specified on plans
  5. Trim contractor to provide material samples for models
  6. Front door to be faux wood fiberglass door, paint grade
  7. Garages to be finished

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  1. Elastomeric paint on interior and exterior of home.
  2. Paint to be Dunn Edwards or similar brand
  3. Painter to prep and sweep home before spray
  4. All knobs and hardware to be left clean of paint and paint materials
  5. All weather striping, eye pieces and any other hardware to be removed will be replaced
  6. Quart can touch up kits to be left in each home
  7. Exterior to be three paint scheme: Body, Trim & Door
  8. Paint color packages to be provided at later time
  9. Painters to provide touchup and walkthrough repair at final inspection
  10. Painter to provide model color charts

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  1. Standard flat oak cabinets with appropriate drawers and pullouts
  2. Upgraded panels and materials
  3. Cabinet contractor to provide model samples

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Counter Tops:

  1. Standard kitchen top to be Formica
  2. Bath tops to be cultured marble
  3. Counter Top Contractor to provide material samples

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  1. Carpet is to be standard FHA carpet and pad
  2. Carpet to go in common living areas
  3. Base vinyl in bath and kitchen areas
  4. Tile to be a simple porcelain 12 x 12 entry tile
  5. Flooring contractor to leave extra of all materials on site for future repairs
  6. Flooring contractor to clean and scrape all floors as needed to make sure of proper bond

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Garage Door, Insulation & Mirror:

  1. Garage door to be standard long panel roll up
  2. Garage door opener to be optional
  3. Insulation to be R-30 blown in ceilings and R-19/ R-13 in walls
  4. Optional price for higher R level in blown areas
  5. Mirror and bath fixtures to be standard materials

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  1. All appliances to be delivered and installed
  2. Standard appliances are: Range, Hood and Dishwasher
  3. All cords, delivery and installation to be included in price
  4. Optional price for refrigerator, washer and dryer with installation

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Block Wall / Iron Work:

  1. Walls to be standard grey block at 9 courses
  2. Walls to have appropriate steel in footing and column
  3. Gate to approximately 4’ cedar and wrought iron
  4. Column with gate to be sturdy enough to support gate weight and swing

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Construction Cleaning:

  1. Pre Clean prior to flooring
  2. Final Clean after flooring
  3. Touchup Clean after final walk through
  4. Power washing of Concrete areas
  5. Windows and floors to be cleaned
  6. Excess trash to be removed into dumpster
  7. Cabinets and showers to be cleaned
  8. Cabinets to be wiped down
  9. All other standard practices to be followed

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