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Real estate investment trust refurbishment: Colby Tenant Turn Project Mesa, Arizona

Type: Investment property repair and Refurbishment - Residential Rehabilitation

Project Contractor: Windamere Construction

Windamere Construction specializes in investment property refurbishments, remodels and tenant turns. The scope of work is value engineered and itemized in every proposal, according to your needs, allowing you to choose the work that is right for your property and budget; maintaining your property investment and your profitability.

  • Replace damaged fascia at back of rear patio and at back of home at southwest corner (35 LF) - Replace (3) 4x4 patio posts that are cracked and damaged - Replace entire plywood sub roof at rear patio due to damage and rotted (200 sqft)
  • Replace all damaged T1-11 siding at rear of home and at both sides of home. Lots of areas are rotted and damaged. Replace only the areas that have significant damage and cannot be repaired (approx 600 sqft).
  • Replace entire rolled roofing at rear patio due to missing and damaged roof material (2 squares)
  • Entire exterior of home needs to be painted (1883 sqft)


Tips to maintain your Rental Property Investment

Exterior Wood Should Be Treated to Avoid Softening

Rain, snow and wind are the strongest elements that can break down wood, leaving it soft and vulnerable. Make sure it is sealed to prevent moisture from soaking in. Damaged wood can sometimes be repaired, but in many cases needs a proper replacement.

Routinely Inspect the Homes Outside Foundation and Grading.

Flooding, during heavy rains, broken pipes or landscaping irrigation could not only damage your property but also a tenants belongings within the home. Make sure to maintain a runoff slope to guide water away from the house and repair any water leaks near the foundation. Look for peeling paint, metal rust and, crumbling soft concrete. Moisture around the foundation also attracts termites which will build tubes from the moist ground, where they build their nests, to the wood framing of the house which is their food source. Make note of musty smells inside the home, which can be indicative of a problems with leaking pipes.

Inspect the Roof routinely and carefully - an important maintenance task!

Accidents and damages involving roof collapse can happen, it can be a liability and one of the more costly repairs. Look for missing shingles, broken tiles, missing or deteriorating tile caps, or areas where the tar is worn thin or felt underlay is deteriorated. Clear away any collecting leaves or bio-matter that might retain moisture. Repair promptly to avoid water damage like wood rot, toxic mold or infestations.

Clear Gutters to make sure water runs off the roof unobstructed to Avoid Water Buildup. Having gathering points for water anywhere on the roof means the water will eventually find its way inside the home or through the walls, leading to other problems from electrical to mold growth. Prevention is the best route to avoiding costly repairs.

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