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Tenant Turn Project: W Osborn Rd. Phoenix, AZ

Type: Investment property repair and Refurbishment - Residential Rehabilitation

Project Contractor: Windamere Construction

Windamere Construction specializes in investment property refurbishments, remodels and tenant turns. The scope of work is value engineered and itemized in every proposal, according to your needs, allowing you to choose the work that is right for your property and budget; maintaining your property investment and your profitability.

Scope of Work:

  • Replace damaged fascia at back patio. total : 8LF
  • Remove and dispose of shed floor on west side of back yard. there is no shed to remove just the floor and all of the metal supports and screws. platform is 10'x12' and includes disposal
  • Replace damaged wood and secure all supports that are in good condition at back patio to meet code, include all clips and rafter brackets. replace 2'x6' rafter at first step that is completely rotted out. replace 2"x6" rafters under patio that are damaged and not attached properly. replace 45 degree angle wood braces at south under side and attach properly. replace steps that are cracked and damaged to match existing as close as possible, currently unsafe. replace damaged vertical hand rail supports around top portion of patio
  • Garage - at south wall install 2 blank covers at hole cut outs and cap/remove electrical as needed. junction box on east wall is incomplete. replace missing blank covers and cap/remove wires as needed
  • Replace damaged light switch at kitchen south wall
  • Paint new exterior trim at back patio and all stairs and railing where it was previously painted after damaged stairs are replaced. match paint to existing color as close as possible. total : 100sf
  • Replace the missing shingles and sealing around pipe jacks and AC units total : 1SQ




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